Our focus

Our focus is According to our (professional) experiences Black families (parents, legal guardians, children and youngsters) and/or afro-diasporic families face specific challenges in Germany. Due to various experiences of migrant/Black/African family members different and sometimes contradictory educational perceptions and concepts arise. Concerned stakeholders (parents, teachers, youth welfare service, educators…) therefore get involved in negotiation processes both within the family and other various settings. Facilitating and moderating these processes with the focus on the welfare of the child is our duty as professionals. In this endeavor, we apply a systemic approach.

Overcoming language barriers, together with the families, we broach issues such as educational concepts, sickness/health, family income as well as unemployment benefit and other important topics. Thereby we intend to mediate between different stakeholders. Resource oriented, we lay emphasis on the knowledge, the capacities and the competences of the families or/and individuals.