Our organisation

Legally since 2015 we are registered as a non-profit organization (gemeinnütziger Verein). In 2016 we are approved as an independent youth welfare providers (Berliner Rahmenvertrag für Hilfen in Einrichtungen und durch Dienste der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe (BRVJug).

By then we were operating over a decade as a mere Black Afro-diasporic parents´ initiative in Berlin. The parents and professionals were dealing with the following recurrent daily educational concerns and specific challenges related to the education of their offspring:

* matching their educational concept with the prevailing educational system in Germany

* contact with youth welfare service (Jugendamt) and educational institutions

* appropriate Leisure activities for children

* support in identity self-determination / self-definition of the children specially from “bi-national”, multiethnic/multiracial family constellations

* handling racism and strategic attitude to deal with racist incidents perceived by children and parents.

* support children in their school matters

To address those topics seminars, presentations and conferences have been organized by families and pedagogues for the afro-diasporic community. Acknowledging the need of a specific professional approach and clear positioning, professionals of both African and German origin came together with the parents initiative to register EMERGE e. V.