Collaboration with families

We offer an ambulant professional support in accordance with article 30 (educational assistance) and article 31 (family social pedagogical support) of the German Code of Social Law (§§ 30, 31 SGB VIII). It means that we work with families on their particular and individual needs and challenges established together with youth welfare service (Jugendamt). According to the families and depending on the situations we meet families either in their familiar environment and protected sphere for instance their homes, our office or in public spaces such as café and park.

The collaboration with families is initiated in two different ways:

Either the family applies for support concerning a special concern or challenge directly to the youth welfare service. Considering that the youth welfare service assume generally the cost our services it determine as well if and what form of support is appropriate for the respective family.

Or the youth welfare service finds from a third party about a supposed or an established endangered child(ren) in a given family according to article 8 of the German Code of Social Law § 8a SGB VIII. There might be a possibility that an independent youth welfare providers such as EMERGE e.V. could be assigned to professionally support the family in question protecting the child(ren) from any danger in order to safeguard child´s wellbeing.

On these grounds it is of utmost importance to have a systemic approach. We follow a holistic approach and set a great value upon taking into consideration helpful and instrumental contact person such as relatives, neighbors, friends, associations, Kindergartens, doctors, therapists, nursery-school teachers, teachers, and others. We commit ourselves to mediate between different positions and persons (cp. Our work ethic).